Boxes of Family Photos.

It’s a dilemma unique to our generation...

Boxes and boxes of photos and memorabilia that contain the history of our family...

And even MORE boxes inherited from ancestors.

Our generation carries the weight of responsibility...

Because you know the most about your family history...

WAY more than your kids and grandkids.

And you know if you don’t deal with those boxes of photos, it will probably never happen...

And irreplaceable family history will be lost forever.

What Will Your Descendants Want?

They’d love to know their family history.

They would love having a well-organized, beautiful collection of photos and documents that tell the story of their family.

Here’s What They Won’t Want...

...the boxes the way the are now.

Not sure if that’s true? Just ask them.

The family photos really are in danger.

Often an estate sale or a move to assisted living means irreplaceable family history is just thrown into the dumpster by overwhelmed family members.

It happens every day.

What about your boxes of photos?

The hourglass is running out.

There’s not a lot of time left to get this done.

But even a peek inside the first box is overwhelming...

Where do you even start?

It’s Not Too Late If...

In Case You Don’t Know Me...

My name is Linda Sattgast and since 2003 I’ve taught thousands of people just like you how to preserve their family history without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Mobile!

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Linda Sattgast


Linda Sattgast has been inspiring family historians since 2003. She’s taught for Adobe, Epson, PBS TV, been featured by HP, has been a columnist for Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine, and a CD of her training has been featured four times in the Adobe Photoshop Elements box at Costco.

Linda’s passion is to empower the “Paper Photo Generation” to turn their boxes of photos and memorabilia into sharable family treasures before it’s too late.

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In This Free Training I’ll Cover My 3-Step Process For Transforming An Unorganized Box Of Photos Into Easy-To-Share Family Stories

Secret #1: The Organizing Principle

Having the right system will save you time and eliminate confusion without feeling overwhelmed and giving up.

Secret #2: The
Hourglass Principle

This simple tweak of focus can make the difference between success and failure in dealing with your boxes of photos.

Secret #3: The
Baton Principle

Find out what to do when parents or relatives who knew the history of your photos are already gone.
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