Overwhelmed by your

Boxes of Photos?

Discover the 7 Simple Steps that turn ALL your boxes of photos into...

ONE beautifully organized Ancestor Box...

...your kids and grandkids will LOVE!

Can you imagine...

...Opening a box of photos and knowing exactly what to do with it.

...Having each step be so simple that you actually WANT to keep going!

...Knowing that if you ever have a question you have personal access to your instructor.

Now, imagine...

...The relief of finishing ALL your boxes of photos...

...And, instead, in their place you have ONE beautiful Ancestor Box...

...A box that contains the Best of the Best family photos and important documents organized and documented.

Better still, imagine...

...The pride of being completely ready to pass down the family history to your kids and grandkids...

...In a way that will be exciting and welcomed instead of overwhelming...

...And no longer having to worry about the sand in the hourglass running out for you and your precious family photos.

I Have a confession to make

Hi, my name is Linda Sattgast.

I’m the co-founder of MyAncestorBox.com where I teach family historians how to turn their boxes of photos into a priceless family legacy.

But it hasn’t always been this way...

Almost a decade ago I was as flummoxed about my boxes of photos as everyone else I knew.

It didn’t matter that I taught digital scrapbooking courses to thousands of students on my own website.

It didn’t matter that I taught on stage for Adobe and demonstrated scrapbooking techniques on PBS Television.

It didn’t matter that a CD of my Photoshop Elements video lessons were featured at Costco four times.

No matter how successful you’ve been in the past...

Nothing prepares you for the moment you stand in front of mile-high stack of boxes...

And everything you thought you knew about family history flies out the window.

So if you’re struggling with your boxes of photos...

If you feel overwhelmed...

If you’ve been putting it off...

You are not alone

and it’s not your fault.

We’re the first generation to EVER have to:

Turn an Entire CENTURY of Photos, Slides, Negatives, Video Media, Documents, Memorabilia—and more—into a Coherent Family Legacy that’s ready for the new digital era.

Does That Mean It’s Hopeless?

Heavens No!

I KNEW there had to be a way to figure it out, so here’s what I did...

I stopped procrastinating...

I jumped in and just started doing Something...

And in the process I made almost every mistake in the book including the three worst ones:

• Scanning my photos first without organizing or curating them...

(Bad decision that cost me a LOT of time later on.)

• Thinking that everything in my boxes was equally important...

(Which meant nothing was important.)

But my most devastating mistake was...

• Waiting until is was too late to get family history from parents and relatives.

I made it my life’s work to figure this out...

It took almost a decade of trial and error to boil it down to the 7 Simple Steps I teach today...

So YOU get to skip all my mistakes.

That means you don’t have to go through the pain and frustration I did...

...because these 7 Simple Steps will show you exactly how to transform your boxes of photos into a beautiful family treasure future generations will love and appreciate.

If you’re ready to finally do something about your boxes of photos let me be your guide with my online class:

My Ancestor Box

Everything you need to know to confidently transform a disorganized box of paper photos...

My Ancestor Box

...into a treasure future generations will value and appreciate.

As you follow the 7 Simple Steps in My Ancestor Box you won’t be confused about where to start or what to do next.

I make the process easy for you because I’ve already figured out the steps you need to follow.

You’ll avoid getting bogged down and making costly mistakes that waste your precious time and make you want to give up.

Instead of passing a disorganized mess to your descendants, FINALLY you’ll be able to hand down a beautiful family history they’ll treasure.

The 7 Simple Steps in My Ancestor Box give you a clear, paint-by-number path to follow with each box that eliminates overwhelm and makes the process of dealing with your boxes a joy instead of a chore.

In the final step of the class you’ll put together an archival Ancestor Box that contains all your most important photos, documents, and family history, yet is small enough to fit under a bed.

Please Note: This class doesn’t include a physical Ancestor Box. Instead, I’ll show you how to find or make one that’s perfect for your photos !

My Ancestor Box saves you tons of time and money

When you follow the 7 Simple Steps in My Ancestor Box you can get a box of photos finished in just a few days—or even a few hours, not weeks or months.

Not only that, My Ancestor Box will save you so much money
over hiring a professional photo organizer who’ll charge an average of $100 per hour!

But why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to a stranger
who doesn’t know your family history...

And who can’t do as good a job on your photos as you can by just following the 7 Simple Steps!

Become the family history hero for your family...

Imagine the relief of knowing that someday those boxes won't just be thrown out by overwhelmed children when it’s time for the estate sale.

Relish the pride of knowing you’ve given your descendants the gift of an irreplaceable family legacy.

Picture how grateful your descendants will be—even 100 years from now—that YOU saved the family history.

Feel the joy of saving the memories and stories of people you love, who deserve to be remembered—and never forgotten.

Real People. Real Results.

Think you have WAY too many photos to deal with?

Feel overwhelmed when you open a box of photos?

Wondering if this class will actually help you?

It’s easy to get started:

1. Click the red “Sign Up Now” Button

2. Sign up for the My Ancestor Box online class on the next page

3. Follow my clear, simple instructions to finish your first box of photos

Save Your Boxes of Family Photos

Get My Ancestor Box for only $197

With Lifetime 24/7 Access!

My Ancestor Box makes all the difference...

Let this be your year to deal with your boxes of photos!

I promise that you CAN do this. But the best part is...you don’t even have to believe me!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with a course you’ve purchased from me I’ll give you a full refund. Period.

That means you can enroll today 100% RISK-FREE, use the training and shortcuts offered in the My Ancestor Box™ course and then...make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t have.

Get My Ancestor Box for only $197

With Lifetime 24/7 Access!

But It’s Dangerous To Procrastinate

Let’s be honest. Someday it will be too late...

What you know that gives the family photos meaning will evaporate...

Your family photos will be handed down as a mess that’s even more overwhelming to your descendants...

Your photos will be at greater and greater risk of

simply ending up in the landfill...

And future generations will miss out on the rich history you could give them.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be like this.

Today you can take the important step to save your family history and you can do it risk-free.

Don’t let this moment slip through your fingers!

It’s easy to get started:

1. Click the red “Sign Up Now” Button

2. Sign up for the My Ancestor Box online class on the next page

3. Follow my clear, simple instructions to finish your first box of photos

Get My Ancestor Box for only $197

With Lifetime 24/7 Access!

Linda Sattgast

Your Guide

Linda Sattgast has been inspiring family historians through her online classes since 2003.

Linda has taught for Adobe, Epson, PBS TV, been featured by HP, has been a columnist for Photoshop Elements Techniques magazine, and a CD of her training has been featured four times in the Adobe Photoshop Elements box at Costco.

Linda’s passion is to empower the “Paper Photo Generation” to turn their boxes of photos and memorabilia into sharable family treasures before it’s too late.

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Still Have Questions? We Have Answers!

How are your classes delivered?

We use a private online classroom hosted by Thrivecart. Once you sign up you’ll get an invitation from Thrivecart to finish creating your student account if you don’t already have one. And you’ll receive an email from me telling you what to do next.All classes are available 24/7 and never expire, so they will be there whenever you are ready!

What if I’m busy right now and this isn’t the best time to start a class?

Not a problem! The lessons are prerecorded so you’ll have access to them any time of day or night in any time zone. That means you can start right away or wait until later because your class membership never expires so it’ll be there when you’re ready for it!

Will you be shipping a physical Ancestor Box to me with this class?

This is an online class and we do not ship you a physical Ancestor Box or any other physical products. The My Ancestor Box class will show you how to find or make an appropriate Ancestor Box for your situation with guidance on how to make sure it's archival quality that will last for generations.

What if I purchase your course and find it isn’t for me?

We offer a no-questions-asked guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our courses we will give you a full refund. That means you can enroll today and explore the training and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t have.

I am hearing-impaired. Do your class videos include closed captions?

Yes! Class videos include closed captions and a downloadable PDF transcript.

Get My Ancestor Box for only $197

With Lifetime 24/7 Access!

*My Ancestor Box is an online course, not a physical product. Courses are available 24/7 in our online classroom. Does not include a physical Ancestor Box. We will show you how to find or make one that's exactly right for YOU.

All Prices are in US Dollars.

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